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jean Francois mourier | ceo & president

Jean Francois arrived in South Florida in October 2003 after a successful and distinguished career in London as an investment banker director in trading and managing a portfolio of $10 billion in interest rate derivatives and structured products for a number of top firms including Merrill Lynch, ING Barings and others. His expertise in the financial markets come from 10 years of successful dealing and outstanding results with intricate products such as derivatives and structured products on G20 currencies.

He joined the Miami Beach Hotel Resort management firm as Director of Revenue Management. Applying his vast experience in finance, pricing and technology, he soon revamped the company’s revenue management methods, which resulted in dramatic results. Jean Francois holds multiple degrees: his two BAs from Schiller University in Germany, an international business MBA from Heidelberg University in Germany as well as studies in MSC in Finance program from the London Business School. Finally Jean Francois was raised in mathematics, physics and computer science by his father who is now a retired aeronautical engineer and rocket scientist for the European space launcher Arianne. Jean Francois is fluent in French, English, and German.